The history of “Azir Miza” is deep-rooted from the “Gözlükçü” family which is one of the frontiers in the eyewear market in Turkey


Before the establishment of the Turkish Republic, Tevfik Rıza Efendi breaks his glasses and while looking for an optician to have his glasses fixed, he realizes the need for eye correction in the capital of Turkey, Ankara.


Tevfik Rıza Efendi opens his first store in Ulus next to the house of parliament which was the first eyewear shop in Ankara and one of the few around the whole country.


In 1934 Tevfik Rıza Efendi chooses “Gözlükçü” as his surname which means “Optician” in Turkish as the “Surname Act” enters into force. The surname affected following generations and each generation continued to cherish the surname and the industry that revolved around it.


In 1940, opticians became legally acknowledged by law and the Ministry of Health starts to issue optician licenses. Tevfik Rıza Gözlükçü receives his license as one of the first opticians in Turkey in 1941.

Tevfik Rıza Gözlükçü quickly becomes a valued optician at the store in Ankara. As the retailer of many important brands in eyewear, watch and jewelry industry, the store grows into a go-to place for many socialites.


After graduating from law faculty, following his father’s footsteps Hazım Rıza Gözlükçü joins the family business as the second generation.


Hazım Rıza Gözlükçü acquires his optician license in 1951.

As the years go by, the shop remains as a gold standard for the Industry. Many politicians, diplomats and high society are served during these years. Here seen is Hazım Rıza Gözlükçü handpicking each frame for the shop.

Respected by everyone around him, Hazım Rıza Gözlükçü’s sunglasses becomes iconic and he is rarely seen without them.


Adding another business line to the family, a hinge & screw factory is set up in Ankara to provide spectacle manufacturers high end metal parts for the frames. Today these machines are still producing screws. The family also introduces eyewear lines of many acclaimed Turkish brands.

Gözlükçü family continues to be in the frontiers of the industry as Rıza Gözlükçü receives his optician license and steps into the business.

As the second representative of the third generation Haluk Gözlükçü also receives his optician license and joins the family business.


Introducing “SOLA” organic lenses now owned by “Zeiss” into the Turkish Market, they attain great success in the industry.


In 2010, the fourth generation of the Gözlükçü family Hazım Rıza Gözlükçü, named after his grandfather, decides to crown the family heritage with a collection and this leads to the opening of the boutique atelier “Azir Miza”, to produce custom-made frames with very limited quantities.


This new collection catches the attention of many acclaimed fashion designers and this interest blossoms into many collaborations. Azir Miza created unique pieces for SS2015 Collection of Hakan Yıldırım which accompanied H by Hakaan Yıldırım Collection in the runways of London Fashion Week.


Following up this success, Azir Miza collaborated with the Turkish designer Emre Erdemoğlu and again created unique pieces for “Penguin” collection which showcased in Berlin Fashion Week and achieved such a huge success that it was showcased again during Istanbul Fashion Week.


Today, Azir Miza is based around one very simple and fundamental ideal: blending tradition with innovation and classic design with avant-garde style.

With 100 years of history and heritage, the aim is to create eyewear that will be passed on to the next generations. Expressing its values through its creations, Azir Miza reinterprets the crafts of eyewear with passion, technical excellence and exclusive design.