As a company dedicated to use only the prime quality materials, we are using ZEISS lenses in our frames.
Our paths with ZEISS crossed a century ago and today we are still proud to use the best lenses.
As the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics, ZEISS combines technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences.
With the ZEISS lenses you will benefit from optical precision, visual clarity and 100% UV protection for all conditions.


Our aim is to have harmony of tradition and innovation in our designs and to come up with traditional looking products with cutting edge technology. Azir Miza clip-ons are the best example of this mindset.
Manufactured in Germany from a single sheet of titanium, our clip-ons have neither welding nor screws which make them much more durable and precise than traditional clip-ons.
Triple bridge design of Azir Miza clip-ons fully integrates with the acetate frames and gives them a more avant-garde look.


For pushing the boundaries of conventional materials in order to make our frames better, we are using the materials with the highest standards. Mazzucchelli, unquestioningly, is our destination for the acetate we use in our frames. .
One family with 6 generations sharing the same mission and values like us, Mazzucchelli stands for excellence in innovation and quality with a focus on tradition and craftsmanship.
Today we can manufacture our acetate frames thinner than ever so that you can enjoy them greatly.


In order to present and preserve the rich history lying behind the brand, a model of a vintage trunk owned by the family was chosen.
Going through a 30 step production these trunks are referral to tradition and hand-crafts on their own.
The leather cases accompanying our frames are handcrafted in Turkey from the finest leather following the traditional techniques that are passed down from generation to generation.
These leather cases will shape and age gracefully as you continue to cherish them with your frames.